Automotive Wiper Blade

Automotive Wiper Blade

Due to the ever present requirement for drag reduction, the windscreens of many cars are becoming ever more inclined. This presents the problem of requiring larger and larger legal swept areas; this in turn requires a longer blade and a longer arm with a more powerful motor driving it but in a smaller space and with a lower overall weight.

As the height and width of windscreens increase, the length of a driver-side wiper becomes longer than the passenger-side blade to provide a wider view for the driver.

Over the past few years, the so-called flat wiper blade market has blossomed. Flat blades have a lower profile than conventional wiper blades, making them more aesthetically pleasing as well as giving them better wind resistance, especially at high speeds. In addition, the fact that flat wiper blades don't clog with ice and snow causing them to bend and break also leads to fewer warranty claims for manufacturers.

The flat blade market is booming in India as rest of the world. Numak™ is the pioneers in bringing flat blade wipers here. Numak™ offer high performance flat blade wipers for almost all cars in India. Our wipers are Graphite and Teflon™ coated for maximum lubrication and fine butyl and rubber materials are used as raw materials. All the models are tropicalized to withstand extreme climatic conditions from -15° to 50°C and vehicle (Wind) speed up to 250 kmph.

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