Numak AV18

Biometric Attendance - Access Control System

Numak AV18

In this modern world, recording time and attendance has become a very important task in the day to day business operations. Today, there are various systems available to measure time & attendance, from manual to complete automation. Biometric based Time Attendance system provides the desired automation while ensuring authenticity and eliminating impersonation.

AV 18 is a multimedia biometric system for small and medium enterprises. It can store upto 1000 fingerprints and 100000 records.

Numak AV18

GUI Interface for ease of use

Easy to integrate into various system

Standalone or network environment

Embedded multi-language interface

3" screen with more compatible usage

24 hours continuous operation available

Saves data during power outage

Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers

SDK available for OEM customers and software developers


LCD Display: 3" high-definition display

Speaker: Voice Prompt (language can be selected)

Technical Specifications Capacity

Fingerprint capacity: 1,000

Log capacity: 1,00,000


Verification speed(1:1): ≤0.5s

Identification speed(1:N): ≤1s

Power Supply

Power: 110/220VAC ~ 5VDC


TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host/Client

Standand Function

Auto status




Operation temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃

Operation humidity: 20% ~ 80%


FRR: ≤0.01%

FAR: ≤0.0001%

Machine Size


Attendance status

Check in, Check out

Customize Function

9-PIN ID, Printer output, ID reader